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Viikon voimabiisi usein aamuisin jonkun voimabiisin, tänään se on tämä. Placebosta tulee mieleen, kun olin aikoinaan Ranskassa vaihdossa Troyes'ssa, ja eräässä luolamaisessa paikassa soitettiin aina Placeboa, ja heijastettiin musavideoita isolle scriinille. Se paikka oli taianomainen.
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Spicey & easy noodle soup for September ((VG))

cut onion and garlic, sauté in oil
- cut chili tofu, add that
- add oat milk & water, so that will be enough to make a soup
- add noodles
- add more spices, salt, pepper, pepper..

Baking a rhubarb pie

I find baking very therapeutic, I guess it's the working with your hands. I feel this week has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Yesterday's dance class was very good for me, I was relaxed. Sometimes it's good to do just the minimum. Checked out my camera ready for my job on Saturday, made some notes and replied to one work e-mail. I'm also looking a job from closer where I go now, I found one interesting one, so I guess I will apply for it, then I will have a movie night watching the Hampstead, yay. Also calling to a friend made my day. 😃 Have a good weekend folks! And please leave comments.

Small things matter 💚

Sleepy weekend

During the week I've been working quite much, what has made it a bit rough is the distance to my workplace, the days get easily 12 hours long. Also hanging out by myself after long time 😃 It feels like there is air to breathe in the flat. Been sleeping, eating well, looking the sea. Made plans to be social. Also i'm planning a traintrip to Croatia, perhaps soonish. Ahh, got so excited to look at the hotels, I want it with a pool. I think i will write about it later. How's your weekend going?