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Ilo: hyvä sänky

Meillä on nyt ollut uusi sänky ehkä puolisen vuotta. Kuinka iloinen voin siitä joka päivä ollakaan. Tuntuu, että unenlaatu on parantunut. Ekaa kertaa kun menin sänkyyn makaamaan, tuntui, että se suorastaan hieroi selkääni, niin hyvältä se tuntui. Vieläkin joka kerta kun menen siihen makaamaan, olen vain niin onnellinen. Joskus se kyllä hieman natiseekin, mutta mitäs pienistä.
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Nice things lately 💚🐰

1. Turning my boiled potatoes into baked ones, recipe:
- Cut tomatoes, garlic, onion, boiled potatoes
- Bake in lots of oil, add pepper, salt
- Serve with ketchup & mayo 2. The view from a cafe, sitting outside 🙌3. The green summer & parks 💚💚What good is going on in your lives?

This week's film: All eyez on me year I've seen a lot of movies, I love it, there are so many films still to be seen. What a film this one was, I was just dancing it through, there was so much music! The story of Tupac Shakur totally takes you to the scenes of gangster rap in those days. I think I'm still in that world a little bit. I give it five stars of five *****.

Boating trip in Pähkinäinen, Turku archipelago

Ahh back home from a sea trip. This time two days was just enough. Good to be home again! I just love to look at the sea in its colour, so pretty! The second photo looks like a kind of lost city. I don't know the plants so well, but aren't the lovely? Look at the small ones. There's something lovely to be running around like a kid and so excited. And look at the made of metal swimming stairs someone made. Lot of little fishes swimming there.